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Need a groundworks company for your construction project?

HYB Construction can offer professional and experienced groundworks construction.

London based groundworks company - HYB

We have a skilled and dedicated team who specialise in all construction, from groundworks to steel fixing.

Our knowledge is furthered still by our background in civil engineering with projects including tunnel developments and bridge construction. When you need groundworks in London, we are the ideal company for you.


No job is too big or too small for HYB Construction. We work with a number of different clients including main contractors and property developers; if you have a groundworks project then our groundworks company in London would love to help. Our projects take place across an array of sites including schools, single story buildings, multi-story buildings and more. Whatever the scope and scale of your groundwork requirements, our groundworks company will be on hand with expertise and experience to ensure the job is carried out to perfection.

Groundworks London Services

We are an experienced and dedicated groundworks company. We can take on your groundwork project, from start to finish. We will prepare your sub-surfaces and with our skill, get your project off to the smooth start that will be integral to the success of the rest of the project. Whether it’s new foundations or a repair job, we can help.

We can professionally carry out a number of groundworks construction services


In order to prepare the space for a new structure, we can carry out professional excavation services.


We can process large quantities of soil to make room for new projects and level the ground.

Drainage and services

We have experience in drainage problems, making us ideal to deal with all aspects of drainage and offer you solutions

Raft foundations, pile caps, ground beams, trench and pad foundations

We have the skills required to install different types of foundations and decide what is appropriate for your project. For example, with a raft foundation, a reinforced concrete slab is used under the building to spread the load and lower the pressure on the ground.

Materials recycling

HYB Construction recognise that it’s important we all do our bit for the environment. Our services therefore also include materials recycling to ensure materials are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Enabling works and hard landscaping

We carry out enabling works to ensure your site is ready for the first stage of development. We give your site form and structure as a base from which to grow your project on.

Site clearance

We can carry out site clearance works which may include clearing vegetation and soil, to ensure that the site is ready for planned construction works.

Ground levelling

It is integral to the success of construction that you have a perfectly level base. We can carry out ground levelling to ensure this is the case.

The importance of groundworks

Groundwork is essential in construction.

From initial excavations to laying foundations, the job needs to be done right or you will have a problem on your hands later down the line. Projects can differ in their complexities and scope, so it’s important to have a team with experience and skill, like HYB Construction can offer. Our team recognise the importance of groundworks and the role they play in ensuring your project gets off to a good start. We always plan ahead to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. We are reliable, dedicated and knowledgeable groundwork contractors in London.

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